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Hey people my name is nathan, im 21 years old from London.
I'm a Artist Manager/A&R.
my blog is about mostly everything and anything that comes to mind.
if you wanna ask me anything just holler...
I'm a Bombay sipper and a Kush smoker

i like jordans, snapbacks, tatts n Music

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Theme by: Miguel

    • 1: If you were of the opposite gender, what name would you want to have?
    • 2: If you could witness any historical event in person, which one would it be and why?
    • 3: What kind of sandwich best describes your personality?
    • 4: If your crush or significant other were to turn in to a ferret, what would you do? Would you still like/love them?
    • 5: If you became dictator of your country, and you can enact one law that could not be repealed once you are forcibly removed from office, what would that law be?
    • 6: What is your opinion of Canada?
    • 7: What is your patronous?
    • 8: If you could change your skin color to anything outside of the natural palette of skin colors, what color would you choose?
    • 9: What was the last movie you chose not to watch?
    • 10: If you were a farmer, what would you grow?
    • 11: What do you miss the most?
    • 12: What is your favorite sequel film?
    • 13: Rural area, small town, suburb, or big city?
    • 14: What's your favorite branch of the military?
    • 15: What year of school was best for you?
    • 16: What is your favorite month, excluding whichever month contains your birthday?
    • 17: What is your favorite type of pie?
    • 18: Do you enjoy being single?
    • 19: Do you prefer rivers, lakes, or oceans?
    • 20: If you had to have one feature on your body changed to a canine version of said feature, what would you choose?
    • 21: What is your favorite font?
    • 22: What is the highest number of cats you can imagine yourself owning?
    • 23: What was your last date like?
    • 24: Who are you?
    • 25: What is your least favorite illicit substance?
    • 26: What is your opinion on 80's music?
    • 27: If you could add something to the high school curriculum, what would you add?
    • 28: What is your favorite album artwork?
    • 29: What is your favorite non-social networking website?
    • 30: What is your favorite boy band?
    • 31: What is your least favorite casual dining establishment?
    • 32: You are allowed one beverage and one candy for the rest of your life. What would you choose?
    • 33: If you had to be stranded somewhere on Earth, miles from civilization, what biome would you choose and why?
    • 34: What is your preferred projectile?
    • 35: You have inherited a nightclub in a major city. What modifications would you make to it?
    • 36: What have you done recently to dismantle the patriarchy?
    • 37: What song did you most recently get tired of due to its overplaying?
    • 38: What is your favorite piece of clothing?
    • 39: What was the most awkward moment of your romantic history?
    • 40: What brought you to Tumblr?
    • 41: What product or service do you find ridiculously overpriced?
    • 42: Why did you send the last anonymous Tumblr message you sent?
    • 43: Who is your favorite one-hit wonder of the last twenty years?
    • 44: How many people, outside of your immediate family, do you know the birthdays of by heart?
    • 45: What is your favorite speech?
    • 46: What is your least favorite song from your favorite musical?
    • 47: How do you feel about dating exes?
    • 48: What is your favorite vegetable?
    • 49: Who is your favorite fictional villain?
    • 50: What is your favorite police procedural?
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  3. “Kids, don’t try planking, it’s dangerous. Especially with me around.”

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    remember when i was 18 and did this vaguely pornographic shoot with a random couple i met at a nude beach ? 


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  9. Kanye West for GQ Magazine August 2014 shot by Patrick Demarchelier.

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